Welcome to ExperiMentors!

Mission Statement

ExperiMentors, a service organization comprised of Harvard students, engages volunteers and Cambridge elementary school children in sharing enthusiasm for science. Harvard students gain firsthand experience in teaching and enrich the science education of Cambridge school students. Children develop a greater curiosity for the natural and physical world and form positive relationships with their student teachers.


  • To provide an opportunity for Harvard undergraduates who are interested in science and education to gain first-hand experience planning lessons and working in a classroom environment
  • To enrich the existing public school science curriculum through the exploration of science topics using hands-on activities
  • To introduce problem-solving skills, cooperative learning, the scientific method, and critical thinking to elementary school children
  • To make science exciting and appealing to elementary school students, particularly those who otherwise might not consider pursuing science in their education
  • To encourage all children to appreciate the role of science and technology in society

Our History

ExperiMentors was founded in 1993 by Harvard undergraduates who wanted to bring hands-on science to Cambridge classrooms. Since then, the program has grown to over thirty members who teach at elementary schools throughout Cambridge in grades kindergarten through eighth. In addition to these weekly lessons, ExperiMentors continues to hold its biannual Science Day, reaching out to even more students. The program services over 300 Cambridge students each year.


ExperiMentors is extremely grateful for funding provided by sources such as the President Public Service Fund (PPSF), Harvard Undergraduate Council, the Harvard Memorial Church, and the COOP public service fund.

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